Electronic Control Unit (Unique to Paradise Spa)





An Electronic Control Unit for spas was developed as a substitute for the analog systems. This allows for more reliable switching and temperature control.


A four line / 20 character display allow for a friendly user interface. A build in back-light will ensure that the information on the screen will be clearly displayed even in the dark.


Keypad buttons allow for the setting of temperature, the clock and cycle times.

  • THERMOMETER - Shows at all times the current temperature of the water in the spa.

  • THERMOSTAT - By first selecting - Temp - then by selecting the - Up or Down - buttons the water temperature can be increased or decreased to the desired temperature.


    • The clock can be set for Current time and Circulation times. After selecting the clock button a menu will be displayed giving the option of setting the Clock time or setting the Circulation time.

    • Clock time - A menu will allow to increase or decrease the hours or minutes.

    • Circulation times - A menu will allow for the start and ending times for circulation. If the start and ending times are set with   the same time the spa will circulate on a 24 hour basis. The water temperature will be regulated at the set temperature. For circulation only, without heating up the water, the set temperature is decreased below tap water temperature.


Function buttons allow for the Circulation pump, Turbo pump, Blower and Light to be switched on or off. Depending on the installed components i.e. a turbo pump or light some of the function buttons may not be active. Light emitting diodes to the left on the control panel will show when functions are switched on or off. The heater will automatically be switched on or off depending on the water temperature and the temperature Set.


Low voltage (+5v DC) is used at the Processor Unit, making it perfectly safe.

All high voltage switching is done on the relay board that is placed in he protective environment of the Distribution Box.

ADVANTAGES (above that of the analog systems):

  • More compact - There is only one Control Interface and Large bellow buttons with air switches and air pipes are not needed.

  • Build-in Timer - By using a Swimming pool digital timer a contactor is needed for switching due to the high load of the heater element. With the Digital Control Unit all switching is done through relays which are rated far above the load it has to comply with. 

  • Build-in  Thermometer - The user can monitor water temperature at all times.

  • Thermostat - Water temperature can be regulated to one degree Celsius. The analog thermostats are rated accurate to 5% up or down. With these thermostats the spas must first me heated to the desired temperature, then a mark must be made on the thermostat dial to ensure that the next time the spa can be heated to the same temperature. When the air valve is opened or the blower switched on the heater will switch on quicker keeping the water temperature constant

  • Safety - The water temperature is measured in the heater casing. Should there be a sudden increase (2 degrees or more) in temperature or a temperature increase more than 45 degrees (due to a lack of water on the heater element) the Control Unit will shut the spa down preventing damage or possible fires.

  • The relay board is fitted in the enclosed environment of the Combo Distribution Box and Heater casing. The thermostat is placed at the optimum position to calculate the temperature as accurate and as quick as possible. If the thermostat becomes faulty or a wire becomes damaged no flow of data will occur between the thermostat and the Control unit and the spa will shut down. Capacitors protect the contact points of the relays from arcing in very much the same way as a condenser would do over the contact points in the distributor of a car.

  • Cat 5 cable with RJ45 connectors are used for data transfer between the Control Unit and the relay board thus allowing for longer distances between the Control and pump  units.

  • Paradise Spa developed the Electronic Control Unit and all blue prints belongs to Paradise Spa. Further developments can be made without the involvement of third parties. 


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