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Jacuzzis are sold at wholesale prices direct to the public , cutting out the middleman. We also cater for property developers, building contractors and renovators in the exclusive, upper end, multi-unit and other development markets.  - the Jacuzzi / spa baths factory and showroom is situated in Meyerton (approximately 35km south of Johannesburg). - Paradise Spa - 10 Van Der Bijl Street, Meyerton, Gauteng, South Africa.

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Curved 4-Seater Spa

Large four seater spa 1.85m x 1.50m x .80m

Octagon 1.85mOctagon 1.85m Spa






Marcell Spa Hexagon / Marcell

Large six seater spa with deeper seating 2.00m x 1.85m x  .80m



Oval SpaOval Spa







Paradise Spa

9 Van Der Bijl Street

P.O. Box 1236

Meyerton -- 1960

Gauteng -- South Africa



Latitude:    2633'46.97"S       

Longitude: 28 0'39.48"E

SALES  : Wynand - 082 87 111 77

                082 88 11 744

Factory : 016 362 3439


Since Paradise Spa was established during 1996 the company has grown to one of the major roll players in the spa baths market, supplying both domestic as well as the export markets.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence in manufacturing and customer service has always been our foremost aid. From purchase to installation and the servicing of your Jacuzzi, we are at you service.

Our spa tubs are manufactured from the finest materials. The shells are vacuum formed from sanitary ware grade acrylic  and hand laminated to ensure an even reinforcement.

Both "Perspex" (Sanitary-ware grade acrylic) and the Polyester resin are supplied by companies that are ISO 9002 approved.

Thermal spas have been used for centuries as an integral part of general health and relaxation. Many cultures have realized the many benefits to the mind, body and spirit. The spa industry began in the 1960's when spa tubs with hydro therapy jets were developed as a substitute for thermal spas used by ancient cultures.

Some benefits of hydrotherapy.

  • It is widely recognized that the benefit of warm water and a soothing massage is to relieve anxiety and relax tense muscles. It has been shown that a half an hour in a spa will relieve chronic pain due to stress.

  • Many people affected by arthritis seek relief by soaking in warm water. A spa can provide the warmth, massage and buoyancy needed to both relax and exercise muscles and joints in the privacy and comfort of your home.

  • Accelerates the natural healing process. Pain, fatigue and soreness associated with exercise is eased. Muscles are relaxed and by the release of endorphins — the body's natural pain killer — is stimulated. Increases blood flow and circulation, thus speeds up the elimination of toxins.

Relaxation and family fun

Aside from its many therapeutically benefits a spa can be used for family fun and relaxation. Whether you are cooling of under the sun or warming up under the stars a Paradise Spa is how to draw the family together. Quality time can be spent. In this busy age of computers, video games and television a spa is the ideal way for families to play and to get to know each other again.


Have peace of mind. All our pump units are fitted with an Electronic Heater Protection Switch. This device was designed - and is unique to Paradise Spa.

After draining and cleaning of the spa, the user might not prime the pump unit properly, or it might happen that a leak springs while you are away, causing the heater element to run dry. Without any water there will be no coolant and the heater's temperature will rise. Excessive heat will damage the thermostat and it could malfunction. The cause would be a meltdown and a possible fire.  This unit will turn the heater element off when a lack of water is detected. To further protect the thermostat a 30amp relay on the protection switch removes the load from it.

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